These days, having suitable safety management is imperative.

Our team of qualified and experienced Safety Advisors help ensure that your event has a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment in place and helps you to fulfil your legal duties under the Health & Safety at Work, etc, Act 1974.

esp events helps organisers and their exhibitors to carry out their legal duties in such a way as to:
     -  Help reduce the likelihood of accidents.
     -  Reduce the possibility of legal action taken against you, so far
        as is reasonably practicable.
     -  In the event of a Claim, provide a robust defence on your behalf.

Health & Safety Services:
H&S advice on all aspects of your show or business.
NEBOSH trained Safety Consultants.
Telephone helpline and advice.
Risk Assessments & Fire Risk Assessments.
Staff H&S Training.
Contractor Management.
Structural Engineers.
Food Safety.
Water Safety.